3 Tips for Preventing Car Burglary

You can expect a car to insure you against the elements like rain, snow and heat, but can a car insure you against crime? Not as much as you might think. Cars are exceptionally easy to burglarize, especially when they’re parked out on the street.

How to Prevent Car Burglary

Here are a few easy steps to help protect your car against burglars.

1. Hide all valuables

Valuables include your phone, purse, wallet, cash, auxiliary cords, briefcases, bags, laptops, or anything else that might be enticing. You’d be surprised what people are willing to break into a car for. So, get that old Gameboy off the passenger seat!

2. Park near others

Busy lots are less likely to see thievery. If you park your car alone in the dark, it’s in a prime spot for a thief to attack. Park under streetlights if possible, and if there’s a lot with an attendant, consider spending the extra bit of money for your peace of mind.

3. Be hyper-cautious

No one ever expects their car to be robbed, so don’t get lazy. Always take the extra effort to lock your car up properly. This means secure every door, roll up all windows, activate any security system you may have, and consider extra security measures like steering wheel locks.