Calling 911 on a Cellphone: What You Need to Know

This is information that we all hope we’ll never need. But it’s good to be prepared in the event of an emergency, and knowing how to quickly reach 911 is essential.

Here are some of the latest tips you should know about calling 911 on a cellphone.

Cheaper Isn’t Always Better

While cellphones have evolved into so much more, their ultimate value is in keeping us connected when we need to be. This is never more clear than when you’re in an emergency. We all want the cheapest phone plans possible, but make sure the plan you choose has good coverage in your area, and any areas you frequently travel to.

Use a Landline if Available

Landlines are easier for 911 dispatchers to track.

Smartphones Can Call 911 Even When Locked

Most smartphones will give you the option to call 911 even if you don’t have access to the cellphone’s password.

Be smart when choosing a cellphone – it can really pay off when you’re in a tough spot.