Cleaning Lady’s Disappearance Leads to Tragic Discovery

The mystery of Eridania Rodriguez began in July 2009. One late night in New York City, Ms. Rodriguez was minding her own business, literally, working her late shift cleaning offices.

The next moment, her coworkers say, it was like she’d vanished. What happened?

A Night Like Any Other

Nothing was out of the ordinary the night Eridania went missing, according to the NY Times’ report on the case. The 46-year-old was in Lower Manhattan, cleaning offices at her usual building.

But mere moments later, coworkers found her mop, left alone, and a hair clip that had fallen from her head.

Rodriguez, though only 46, was already a grandmother. She had three children and a big, loving family.

She had reportedly been feeling a little creeped out by the night shift and the empty offices, according to inside sources. But nothing seemed amiss in her personal life. Where had she gone?

The Tragic Discovery

An air duct cleaning service quickly led to the awful truth: someone had hid the body of Ms. Rodriguez in the air ducts. But not before suffocating her with industrial tape.

It turned out that the elevator operator of the building, a 28-year-old Joseph Pabon, had killed Ms. Rodriguez.

Why He Did It

One of the worst parts of this terrible story is the senseless nature of the crime. There seems to be no explanation for why Joseph Pabon, a man with a wife and a child, would do what he did to such Eridania Rodriguez. Though her body was bound with tape, DNA under Pabon’s fingernails and scratch marks on his body indicated there had been a struggle.

“We will never know why he did it,” the judge, Justice Wiley said.

Ms. Rodriguez’s family flew with her body to the Dominican Republic so that she could be buried where she was born. While the murder is solved, the mystery of why a family man would do this to an innocent woman has not been cracked.