How Burglars Break Into Your House

Not all burglaries happen when someone accidentally leaves a door or window unlocked. Burglars have lots of strategies for picking locks and sneaking through windows.

Read on to discover how burglars usually break into houses, according to ADT.

Assuming a disguise

No, it’s not a cat burglar disguise. Tricky burglars might dress up as a salesman, or someone administering surveys around the neighborhood. Dressing nicely and looking like they have a reason to approach your house can fool any onlooking neighbors.

Using dog treats

While it’s true many burglars don’t like dogs, using dog treats can deter your pooch from attacking. Admit it – you know your dog would do anything for a cookie!

Tools you leave out

Say you just had an outdoor AC installation service performed. If you or the workers left out a ladder and a toolbox, a burglar might see that as the perfect opportunity to scale your house and try some upstairs windows. Or, they could go the disguise route, using the tools when you’re not around and pretending to be a serviceman.