How Much United States Crime Involves Alcohol?

Do you know how many crimes in the United States are related to alcohol and drug use? A report from late 2019 written by Carol Galbicsek of the Alcohol Rehab Guide explains just that.


15% of robberies in the United States are related to alcohol use. Alcohol makes one more impulsive and reactionary, leading to crimes like robbery.

Sexual Assault

Alcohol and drugs are often involved when a predator sexually attacks a victim. The Alcohol Rehab Guide estimates that about 37% of sexual assault offenders were drunk when they committed the crime.

Aggravated Assault

Many people who drink have experienced, or been around people who experience heightened feelings of aggression while drinking. About 27% of people who commit aggravated assaults were under the influence of booze.

Domestic Violence

It’s estimated that about 2/3 of domestic violence victims report that their attacker was drinking when the assault happened.


Tragically, about 40% of convicted murderers admitted to using alcohol before or during the murder.

These drug-induced crimes are preventable. If you or someone you know is suffering from alcohol or drug abuse, visit a website for drug and alcohol treatment centers so they can get the help they need today.