Illegal Hacking: What You Need to Know

Hackers are opportunistic criminals, always on the lookout for valuable information. The most important thing you need to know about hackers is their relationship with cloud services security. While “hacking,” in a general sense, isn’t illegal, the malicious type of hacking you think of when you hear the term is.

Many “hackers” are actually employed by cloud services security companies. These people are known as “white hat” hackers, and help to point out potential security holes and shore up defenses. “Black hat” hackers, on the other hand, are rogue operators who use computer systems to steal sensitive information.

The best way to keep your information safe from hackers is to not have it on the internet to begin with. There is no such think as an impenetrable server. If you must have your data stored online, make sure it is only stored with organizations and websites you know and trust. Remember: you can never be too careful with your personal information.