Is Your Identity Likely to Be Stolen? Online Security

Online security is critical in the modern era. You’ve got more to protect than just your physical belongings. Your information, like your social security number, your bank account and your very identity, are critical resources that you need to keep protected. Are you doing what you should?

Using software like McAfee Endpoint and other antiviruses is a good first step. When browsing online, you never know when you could encounter viruses that can steal your information. Make sure you’re vetting any sites you visit, and never giving your information to sites you don’t trust.

You need to also be very careful when opening or responding to emails. One of the most common ways that hackers get your information is through “phishing” scams, which involve tricking people into giving up their passwords, their important info and even their social security numbers. Protect yourself online by staying informed about the dangers!