Items That Are Commonly Shoplifted From Grocery Stores

During stressful times, like a pandemic, grocery stores can become the targets of petty theft in the form of shoplifting. While some people stealing from grocery stores are simply hungry and unable to afford food, others are opportunistic criminals looking to make a quick buck.

Items like healthy dry cat food, bread, canned beans and the like are commonly targeted by people who are just trying to get by. While this is unhealthy for the business, it’s hardly morally bankrupt in the way that organized retail crime is. Organized criminals target high-margin items.

Those items, right now, include things like hand sanitizer, face masks and Lysol wipes that you can easily hide and sneak out of the store. These items are in high demand right now, and their price can be markedly higher when resold than they are in-store. This is doubly wrong, as it costs the store the lost sale and also represents price gouging during a crisis.