Keeping Your Phone Safe From Criminal Activity Is Harder Than You Think

Your phone is the center of most of your online activity. Your passwords, your bank info and your other sensitive information is all stored on your phone. If you’re just hunting for the best phone deals and buying a fly-by-night cell phone, you might not have the right security features to keep yourself safe from criminal activity.

The best thing for your phone’s security is a very tight password. Don’t enable face unlocking unless you have an iPhone, as most other phones’ face unlock is easily fooled. Put a strong, complex password on your phone, and make sure it can’t be guessed.

Also, never walk away from your phone. If you’re out somewhere, keep your cellphone immediately on hand. Don’t leave it sitting on a table or far from your reach, as this is a way for criminals to easily make off with it. If you practice these tips, you should be safer from criminal activity.