Making Police Traffic Stops Easier

No one wants to be pulled over by a cop. Cops don’t want to pull you over. The whole experience is stressful for everyone, and all parties involved just want the interaction to be over so they can go about their business. Here are some tips on how to make police traffic stops easier for you and the cop.
Make sure you have your license, proof of your car insurance and your registration ready when they ask for it. This will speed everything up, and it will make it that much easier. Don’t make any sudden lunges to the glove box, and keep your hands in sight.
The best advice is to just stay calm, and don’t antagonize the police officer. They certainly don’t want to have to pull you over, and they are likely as eager as you are to end this interaction. The sooner they can issue you your ticket or warning, the sooner they can get back to more important work.