Man Murders Wife, Son: The Tragic Crimes of Life Insurance

There are too many tragic stories of people killing their own family members. For these people, typical final expense insurance was not enough. They wanted their family members to die an untimely death so that they could collect their life insurance policies.

Man Murders Son

A more recent story comes from Seneca Falls, NY. According to the NY Times, a man named Karl Karlsen pleaded guilty in 2013 to murdering his son, Levi, for life insurance.

Levi, 23, had just invested in a life insurance policy and named his father the sole beneficiary. Mere hours later, Levi was found dead, apparently crushed under a truck that had fallen on him in Karlsen’s garage.

Karlsen received 15 years to life in prison after admitting he killed his son.

Looking to His Past

Strangely, Karlsen’s wife, Christina, died in a fire in California at the age of 30 in 1991. The 2013 conviction raised questions about the circumstances of the fire.

Investigators recently learned that days after his wife’s death, Karlsen had collected $215,000 from her insurance and moved his children to Seneca Falls.

Living Large on Life Insurance

Once in Seneca Falls, Karlsen paid off several bills and bought a nice house.

A jury has since found Karlsen guilty of murdering Christina. The prosecutors convinced them that Karlsen intentionally boarded Christina up in a bathroom and lit the hallway on fire.

“I just knew he had something to do with it,” said Arlene Meltzer, Christina’s 78-year-old mother. “It is something a mother always carries in her heart.”