Man Threatens Child With Gun While Fleeing Police and Other Crime News

Man Threatens Child With Gun While Fleeing Police and Other Crime News

Davenport Police Department | Isaiah Michael McAllister

A man in Illinois was arrested this week after he threatened to kill a child with a loaded handgun before he fled on foot from Davenport police.

21-year-old Isaiah Michael McAllister of Moline, Illinois, has now been charged with assault while participating in a felony, first-degree harassment and being a felon carrying a weapon, among other charges.

Illinois Man Pulls Gun on Child So He Can Flee From Police

Davenport police responded to a reported weapons incident around 6:48 PM on Monday. They arrived to find a car that matched the suspect’s description, according to the criminal complaint filed.

When the officers stopped the car in a parking lot, they found McAllister in the front passenger’s seat, who then ran from them while threatening a young child with a loaded handgun.

“This placed the victim in fear of physical contact that would result in an injury,” read the criminal complaint. “The defendant did this with the intent to further his prevention of apprehension while involved in the foot pursuit.”

Police were able to arrest McAllister soon after he fled, and found the handgun along the path he ran on. McAllister had been previously convicted in Illinois of a felony.

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Man and Woman Die After Johnston County, NC Shooting

On Tuesday morning, a shooting in Johnston County resulted in a man and a woman losing their lives, according to the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies found William Parker, 23, and Lindsay Webb, 21, dead inside their residence. They lived in a home near Buffalo Road in Clayton. The police found them around 2:45 AM.

The shooting is being considered domestic-related, according to JCSO Cpt. Jeff Caldwell. He said that the two knew each other, but he is unsure about what their relationship was at this time.

They found Parker in the back yard while Webb was in the front yard. There were multiple guns located at the scene.

The shooter hit a 45-year-old man in the arm. Hospital staff treated his injuries. A third person went to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Deputies have been focusing their investigation on a car that had balloons tied to it. It isn’t clear at this time whether the car is related to the shooting.

Authorities say that there is no ongoing threat to the public involving this incident. If anyone has questions, they can use cellphones to contact the police.

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