Spotting Shoplifters in a Crowd: What Do They Like?

Shoplifters are almost always trying to go unnoticed. If you own a shop or work as a loss prevention officer, you need to learn how to notice these petty criminals so you can keep from losing money to their shenanigans. Here are a few ways to stymie their approach.

Shoplifters like to visit stores that are very busy and full of people. This helps them go unnoticed by slipping into crowds of people as a distraction. When your store has the best tablet deals in town and there’s a huge crowd, that’s when shoplifters are likely to target high-value items.

Items that shoplifters love, like razor blades, printer ink cartridges, cigarettes and the like, should always be kept behind a case or a counter. This makes it much more difficult for a petty criminal to pocket such items and slip out unnoticed. Make sure you also keep eyes posted at the doors of your shop to spy any potential thieves as they enter or exit.