The Coronavirus and Crime: Is There an Uptick?

We can’t avoid talking about it, the gigantic elephant in the room no one can see – the coronavirus. It’s touched almost every aspect of our lives, and crime is no exception. Criminals right now are in an amazing situation, because the police are overwhelmed. It takes time and resources to do things like answer all of the COVID-19 related calls, sanitize cruisers in between calls, and prioritize those in need.

The biggest crimes that are being increased right now? Cybercrime – which makes sense, we’re all at home on the internet all day – and domestic violence. Those trapped in an abusive relationship struggle to go anywhere to escape, and with tensions so high, it is a pressure cooker for disaster.

New York is also seeing a major increase in property crime, as everyone knows most restaurants and many retail stores are closed. Criminals are taking advantage of the police being stretched so thin and no security to walk into places and take what they want.

Police are doing all they can, but it isn’t enough. Crime rates are just going to go up until things are backed to normal. And truly, who knows when that is going to happen?