The Serial Killer Nurse: Charles Cullen

Doctors and nurses are some of the most trusted members of our society. They’re meant to protect us and keep us healthy, and they even have to take an oath in which they vow they will do just that.

But serial killers, as history has shown, are hard to predict. While you wouldn’t expect a serial killer to think about entering an FNP program, there have been a few who would.

The Killer Nurse

One serial killer nurse in particular is named Charles Edmund Cullen. He is 60 years old.

Experts estimate that Cullen could be responsible for at least 400 deaths. That would make him the most prolific serial killer in history.

Cullen confessed to at least 40 of those murders over his sixteen-year career as a nurse.

Crime and Punishment

Cullen’s method of killing was by illegally overdosing his patients with medication. He was finally caught and arrested in December of 2003.

Cullen claimed that he did this in order to “spare” patients from being dehumanized during life-saving procedures. However, not all of his patients were at the point of certain death. Many could have recovered, according to court testimony.

In 2006, Cullen was sentenced to 11 life sentences in New Jersey. He is not eligible for parole.