This Couple’s Horrific Crime Spree Leaves 11-Year-Old Boy Dead

This Couple’s Horrific Crime Spree Leaves 11-Year-Old Boy Dead

Las Vegas Metro Police Department

Bonnie and Clyde have nothing on these criminals. Corey Trumbull (31) and Stormy Loraine Johnson (37) are facing a long list of charges. They includes kidnapping, domestic battery, sexual assault of a minor, child abuse and neglect, tampering with evidence–and, for Trumbull, capital murder.

Twisted Lifestyle Involved Panhandling, Grooming Teenager for Sex

Trumbull and Johnson apparently drifted along the Strip in Las Vegas, panhandling for cash and living in cheap hotel rooms or the couple’s pickup truck. Trumbull, an alleged drug dealer, was also active in promoting white supremacist beliefs. Johnson was heavily using drugs, according to police reports, despite being responsible for her 11-year-old son and teenage daughter.

Trumbull allegedly groomed a teenage girl of 14 or 15 years old, according to the charges brought against him, and brought her into a “polyamorous” relationship. Johnson is charged with actively participating in the sexual assault of a minor.

Escalating Abuse Leads to Murder

Trumbull appeared to be physically abusing his girlfriend. The escalating domestic violence eventually led to the couple’s arrest–and the discovery of Logan’s body. Police responded to a domestic violence call and discovered Johnson with multiple bruises and broken bones.

She was allegedly attempting to flee Trumbull after the latest assault, which left her with a broken shoulder, nose, ankle, and fingers. According to reports, Johnson accused Trumbull of beating her with a pipe and choking her with a metal dog chain.

What Police Found in the Trunk

Investigators discovered Johnson’s 15-year-old daughter with Trumbull and were able to get the girl to safety. She appeared to have been coached on what to say to police by Trumbull, according to reports. The teenager gave conflicting answers about her mother’s injuries.

The following day, investigators discovered what had happened to her son, Logan.

Police located the body of Johnson’s son in the trunk of a car parked near the Wichita Falls, Texas, motel where the couple had stayed. It appears that Trumbull beat the child to death with his bare hands.

Teachers Knew Something Was Wrong

Logan was described as a “sweet kid” by teachers. But they suspected that something was very wrong with his home life.

“You could tell he wanted to try and make friends, but we knew something was wrong, that things weren’t necessarily right for him,” Carrie Pawloski, one of his teachers, told KFDX-TV.

“We contacted CPS four different times, our school did, but by the time they could get anything done, they had already moved on, you could tell they knew what they were doing,” she said.

The Texas courts set Trumbull’s bail at $2 million following his indictment.