Top 3 Craziest Police Car Chases

We all love a good televised car chase, don’t we? Let’s take a look at three of the top real-life car chases in history.

3. Quick Turnaround

In Dayton, Ohio, a man who was just released from court custody fled from the police. Of course, he was quickly arrested again. Cops arrested him earlier for possession of alcohol and marijuana in a parked car. Apparently, that man didn’t know what “released” means.

2. Ghost Chase

In Garden City, NJ, a police officer’s dashboard camera captured an odd chase. The police department there refers to the incident as “The Ghost Car.”

The police thought they were behind a swerving drunk driver. But when they approached a fence he’d crashed into, something wasn’t right. The driver and the car had disappeared completely. Yikes. I hope ghosts offer insurance for bad drivers.

1. OJ Simpson and the Bronco Chase

The white Ford bronco. Bystanders and football fans parked on the freeway with “Go O.J.” signs. Ninety-five million viewers tuned into the OJ Simpson car chase of June 17, 1994. That’s five million more than that year’s Super Bowl!