What Are the Signs of Being an Alcoholic?

Alcoholism is a serious, debilitating condition. The people suffering from it often don’t even realize how much it’s affecting them. How likely is the average person to become an alcoholic? Having a few beers with your pals is fine, right?

Drinking socially is often seen as totally acceptable in American culture. However, the ways that social drinking can lead to alcoholism are not given due consideration often enough. It’s not hard to progress from having a few drinks with your pals to needing inpatient alcohol rehab if you’re not careful.

Alcoholism, defined by a dependency on alcohol that disrupts normal daily life, can develop in anyone. Even if you drink only casually, you need to treat potentially addictive substances with the responsibility of what they can do to your psychology. Many people find they’ve developed a dependency on alcohol without even realizing how deep they were in trouble. If you’re hurting, reach out for help.