What Makes Someone Choose Crime?

Criminals are often opportunistic, and rarely consider the ramifications of their accidents. With some rare exceptions, criminals are motivated by a few common things. Namely, income inequality and perceived unfair treatment. While some criminals are truly malicious, the majority of people who commit crimes do so as a result of the conditions they find themselves in.

For those who are experiencing extreme poverty, who can’t afford the cheapest 2 line cellphone plan or basic utilities, it’s tempting to just steal what you need. Short on cash? Steal some food. Need a quick buck? Steal a car. Often, these conditions can create a desperate person who is unafraid to break laws to make ends meet.

While law enforcement is important, and stealing is wrong, it’s difficult to wholly condemn someone for the conditions that led them to a criminal lifestyle. Understanding the root causes of criminal activity, and addressing the underlying inequality that gives rise to it, is key to fighting crime on a societal level.