Your Legal Recourse if You’re Hurt in a Hit and Run

When people who are uninsured or have warrants out get into a car accident, they often flee the scene rapidly. This can leave injured people with little option as the person at fault for the accident takes off at a high rate of speed. What are your options if you’re hurt in a hit and run accident?

The first thing you should do after you get treatment for your injuries is contact personal injury lawyers. When you’re injured and the person responsible avoided consequences by fleeing the scene, you need lawyers to fight for you.

Often, insurance companies are hesitant to pay out damages you’re owed because of hit-and-run accidents. That’s where personal injury lawyers come in. They can advocate for you and help you get the money you’re owed. Likewise, if police find the person responsible for the accident, you’ll be glad you have legal representation against them in court.