Prince Andrew Faces Legal Trouble on Multiple Fronts

Prince Andrew Faces Legal Trouble on Multiple Fronts

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Even a high-ranking member of Great Britain’s royal family isn’t completely above the law. Prince Andrew, the second-youngest son of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip, is in legal hot water over multiple issues.

Swiss Chalet Shakeup

Prince Andrew and his ex-wife, Sarah “Fergie” Ferguson, have remained close since their divorce more than twenty years ago. They bought a swanky Swiss ski chalet together–but now they’re being sued for $8 million over a failed payment.

The former couple had until December 31st to pay $6 million to the chalet’s former owner. When they didn’t come up with the cash, the owner took them to court for the money plus interest.

Dipping into His Charity Fund

Andrew also came under fire for his alleged misuse of charity funds. A little backstory: The prince stepped back from life as a working royal earlier this year, following a disastrous string of bad decisions involving Jeffrey Epstein. Those bad decisions culminated in an attempt to clear his name during a “Newsnight” interview on the BBC which backfired, big time.

His longtime private secretary, Amanda Thirsk, was given the blame for booking the interview and encouraging Andrew to go through with it. She was let go when his office closed… but she mysteriously became the head of his private charity fund shortly afterward. Not only that, but an independent watchdog group discovered that she had been paid almost $400,000 from the charity for her services.

Andrew was forced to pay that money back from his own pockets.

Fergie Under Investigation, Too

It’s not just Andrew who is facing trouble these days. Fergie is also now under investigation for her involvement with a defunct firm called Gate Ventures. This “entertainment investment” company is now bankrupt, making its finances part of the public record.

The 60-year-old duchess acted as the director of the company and received more than half a million pounds in loans. One of those loans was for a tea company that did not, as far as anyone can tell, ever attempt to sell any tea.

Fergie was busted in 2010 by an undercover journalist when she tried to sell access to her ex-husband. She wanted half a million then, too, for an alleged Saudi businessman to get a meeting with Andrew.

Andrew Still Wanted for Questioning by FBI

Of course, the biggest story about Prince Andrew’s alleged misdeeds is all about Jeffrey Epstein and Virginia Giuffre Roberts. Andrew was a known friend of Epstein. And during their friendship, he allegedly trafficked an American teenager named Virginia.

Epstein is, of course, dead. But the FBI is still looking into his case on behalf of his victims. Plus Virginia Roberts still insists that she was abused by the prince as a teen. However, despite his promise to cooperate with the investigation, the FBI claims that Prince Andrew is refusing to take their calls.

Andrew has not been accused of a crime. It’s unlikely, given his role in the royal family, that he ever will be. But he’s certainly involved in a large number of ongoing investigations and lawsuits.