6 Ways to Make Your Home Safer Right Now

6 Ways to Make Your Home Safer Right Now


Home security begins with you. If you are concerned about break-ins, package theft, and other security concerns, you can take steps today.

Check Your Outer Doors

Exterior doors are the most common entry point for burglars. Make sure that you have a solid wood or metal-core door installed in every exit, not a hollow-core exterior door. You can also increase the security of your door by adding reinforcement hardware.

If you have a sliding glass door, a simple dowel in the track can prevent the door from being forced open. That’s some low-tech security, but it’s really effective.

Secure Your Windows

Blackout curtains can also help deter burglars. If no one can see in your home, then they won’t know what there is to steal. Blinds are also effective. You don’t need to keep everything closed all the time, but it’s a good idea to block windows at night.

If you have windows with latches, use them! Some older homes may not have this feature, so consider adding pin locks to your windows.

Timers Can Scare Away Burglars

Installing inexpensive timers on radios, lights, and televisions can help prevent burglaries. The random timers make it look like someone is home. That’s especially useful if you’re going on vacation, but it can help even during a workday.

Install Motion-Sensor Floodlights

Exterior lights with motion sensors are a must-have for any home. You don’t even need to have them professionally wired to your electrical system! Newer kits include solar panels.

Be Vacation Savvy

If you plan to be away for more than a weekend, make sure that your home is secure. That includes setting any alarms, checking locks on windows and doors, etc.

You should also arrange for a neighbor to pick up your mail or put a temporary hold on delivery. Mail (and packages) piling up is a sure indicator to thieves that no one is home.

Even though you may want to post all about your vacation on social media, consider waiting until you get home. You can never be completely sure who is watching your posts, so announcing that you’re away isn’t a wise choice.

Garage Safety

Too many people overlook the garage when considering home safety. Make sure that the door stays not only shut but locked at all times.

If you have windows and additional doors, follow the same protocol as you would for the main house.