9 True Crime Podcasts You Need in Your Life

9 True Crime Podcasts You Need in Your Life


For some people, binge-watching Friends or Parks & Recreation soothes the soul. But for others, it’s all about true crime. If you find tales of murder and betrayal weirdly relaxing, here are 9 true crime podcasts you need to try.

American Scandal

It seems like every week, there’s a new scandal dominating the headlines. American Scandal explores the events leading up to major scandals, as well as the fallout that followed.


If you prefer white-collar crime to serial killers, then check out Swindled. The half-hour podcast has been running for four seasons–and they’re not even close to running out of con men, swindlers, and fraudsters.

True Crime Chronicles

True Crime Chronicles delivers exactly what it promises. This weekly podcast digs into unsolved cases from around the country, promising “Serial killers. Cold cases. The lost and the missing.”

FBI Retired Case File Review

This long-running podcast talks with retired FBI agents. They offer insight into cold cases, famous criminals, and weigh in on what Hollywood gets wrong about their profession.

Once Upon a Crime

This deep-dive podcast focuses on one theme each month and explores each case with the depth of an investigative reporter. The current month features “love gone wrong” between newlyweds, but other themes include killer kids, mass murders, and kidnappings.

Murder in Hollywoodland

If you want to get in on the ground floor of the next big true crime podcast, then check out Murder in Hollywoodland. The show began airing on June 17, 2020. It delves into a vintage murder mystery from 1922.

Morning Cup of Murder

If you prefer a short listen, then Morning Cup of Murder might just be, well, your cup of tea. Running just 6-8 minutes long, this daily podcast discusses one true crime story in the time it takes to enjoy your morning beverage.

Small Town Dicks

This long-running podcast eschews big, splashing stories in favor of smaller, more intimate tales. Small Town Dicks is all about crimes that happen in small towns and rural communities. They interview real people who were involved in the crimes.

Killer Queens

If you’re already caught up with My Favorite Murder, then consider adding Killer Queens to your podcast feed. Hosted by two sisters who are also  true crime junkies, it’s a lighter podcast full of 90s references and banter between the cohosts.

Bonus Podcast: Killer Knowledge

While not strictly a true crime podcast, per se, Killer Knowledge is a must-listen. It’s basically a trivia game show for true crime junkies. You can play along at home alongside two competing guests each week.