Downed Branches Can Be Dangerous

A wet spring and heavy storms have created a lot of lawn problems this year, from overgrown weeds, to broken branches. It may seem tempting to just bring someone in to take down those fallen trees, but there is a lot to consider before you do that so you don’t get scammed.

Some scammers will go up and down the street targeting people with fallen branches and dead trees. They will promise to remove the trees right then and there. Proper tree trimming is a skill.

Doing it wrong can kill the tree, or bring down more branches. Even an enthusiastic amateur who isn’t trying to cheat you can hurt themselves if they bring the heavy branches down wrong. Then you’re liable for their health bills.

Seek recommendations and check consumer protection sites. Always take bids, but don’t always be swayed by the lowest cost. Double-check to see what you’re getting for your money.