Get Rid of Bugs Without Gaining New Problems

Summer brings out all sorts of creepy crawlies. Ants on the counter, spiders on the walls, beetles, mosquitos, you name it. Calling in a professional is your best bet, but beware. There are some scammers out there who are worse than the bugs.

Make sure that the person you let into your home is licensed. Some unscrupulous businesses will send the one licensed employee to do an evaluation, then send someone unqualified to do the actual work. These people are distributing lethal chemicals around your house. Check the licenses of anyone who is sent.

Never, never, never, trust someone who knocks on your door and promises a free evaluation. They have been known to hide dead bugs around the house and claim to discover them to scare you into signing an immediate contract. They know that you will be so freaked out by the dead bugs that you won’t read the fine print.

Always check consumer protection sites for reputable pest control services.