Trump and Fake News

The term Fake News gets thrown about a lot these days, mainly by President Trump himself. Many people lock themselves in their bubble, reading only a few sources of information, trusting them completely, and ignoring anything else.

Here are some ways to assess the accuracy of the news sites that you are visiting.

Read the “About Us” section of the website. A good site will list who started the organization, how they are funded, and if they have a particular leaning. They will state why they started the site, and how they check their information. You can then dig deeper by looking up the founders and organizations behind the site from a third party.

Look to see if the articles use quotes from legitimate experts, or if most of the articles are opinion pieces supported only by the author. Again, you can look up the experts independently to see what their biases and leanings may be, and if they are counted as reputable.

Remember, it’s up to you to keep yourself informed.