Weight Loss Scams Can be Deadly!

With the Coronavirus lock-down, you may find that when you go to wear “work” clothes again, they’re a little tighter than you remember. It may be tempting to try some quick weight loss pill or program, just to shed those few extra pounds. But be careful. Most things sold online don’t work, and some may be dangerous.

First, don’t try to starve yourself. Don’t fast for more than a day. Detoxes and other things that promise to “cleanse” your system will usually wash out any good bacteria as well, leading to trouble digesting, and processing food.

Some of the most horrifying and dangerous rapid weight-loss programs that we’ve heard of are:

  • Tapeworm tablets – Do not ingest a dangerous parasite! That seems to need no explanation.
  • Ingesting cotton balls soaked in flavor – Yes, the cotton ball will fill you up, so much so that you won’t be able to digest or properly pass the cotton balls leading to bowel obstruction.
  • The Vinegar Diet – It seems like a good idea, right? Vinegar is natural. But vinegar is a strong acid. It can eat through teeth enamel and the lining of your stomach.