Americans Being Mailed Mysterious Seeds, Do Not Plant

People living in multiple states have gotten unsolicited packages of seeds in the mail, prompting several agriculture departments to advise recipients to not plant them. 

The seeds appear to be from China, according to various agriculture departments. It is unclear what type of seeds they are. 

Kansas, Washington, Virginia, and Louisiana are some of the states who have issued warnings about these surprise deliveries. 

The Kansas Department of Agriculture announced in a written statement, “if you receive a package of this type, please DO NOT plant these seeds.”  

“If they are in sealed packaging, don’t open the sealed package”.

Anyone who receives one of the seed packages should contact local officials or the U.S. Department of Agriculture. 

“The types of seeds in the packages are unknown at this time and may be invasive plant species,” the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services warned. “The packages were sent by mail and may have Chinese writing on them.” 

A Utah resident told Fox 13, that she posted about the situation on Facebook after getting two packages and said at least 40 people responded to her saying the same thing happened to them.