Avengers Director Accused of ‘Abusive’ Behavior

Bad news for fans of Joss Whedon – new information has just leaked that he was ‘abusive’ and ‘gross’ on the set of Justice League, the 2017 film he directed. Whedon has been close to many nerd’s hearts for years, and directed the cult classic TV show Firefly, the sequel movie Serenity, as well as two of the Avenger’s movies.

Whedon was on set during the reshoot of the Justice League, when he took over after Zack Snyder was no longer a part of the production. This week, Ray Fisher, who played Cyborg, tweeted that Whedon’s on-set treatment of cast and crew was “gross, abusive, unprofessional, and completely unacceptable”, adding that he was enabled by two of the producers of the film.

Joss has not responded to the Tweet at all, and Warner Bros. has not commented either. It’s unclear at this moment what Fisher meant by his statement, or how Whedon was ‘abusive’.

Discrimination, abuse, and mistreatment is part for the course in Hollywood – however, this is the first time such allegations have come out against Whedon. Time will tell if he faces any reprecussions.