Couple Banned for One Year From Minnesota Walmart

Saturday, a couple was filmed in a viral video wearing masks with Nazi swastikas on them. Police say they will be banned for at least a year from Walmart. 

In the tweeted video which received 3.2 million views by late Monday morning, shoppers are seen confronting the pair as they make their purchases. 

Local governments and retailers across the nation have enforced codes and rules for people to wear masks in public to try to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Some Americans have refused to follow the orders saying the mandates are unjust. 

For months, President Trump had accused mask wearers of being ‘politically correct’ or said they were wearing them as an act of defiance against him. Last week the President called mask-wearing patriotic. 

The couple were apparently protesting the mask requirements as being Nazi-like, as opposed to espousing Nazi ideology themselves. The woman could be heard on video saying, “if you vote for Biden, you are going to be in Nazi Germany.” 

Officers responded to the Walmart because the couple “were causing a disturbance.” 

The couple were not identified, and they were issued trespassing notices.