Ghislaine Maxwell Denied Bail, Will Stay in Jail Until 2021

The elusive woman at the heart of the Jeffrey Epstein case has at last been caught. Ghislaine Maxwell was arrested in New Hampshire and is now awaiting trial in a New York jail.

Who Is Ghislaine Maxwell?

Ghislaine Maxwell is a  British socialite who dated Jeffrey Epstein before allegedly playing a key role in his sex trafficking ring. She’s accused of luring and grooming underage girls as young as 14 to be playthings for the rich and famous.

Maxwell is also close friends with Prince Andrew of England. In fact, she appears in the background of the infamous photo of Andrew with then-17-year-old Virginia Roberts. Despite her close connections to royalty, high-ranking politicians, and the extremely wealthy men from around the world, it seems that no one will protect her now.

Denied $5 Million Bond

Ghislaine Maxwell’s lawyers argued that she should be released on a bond of $5 million. Guess what? The judge wasn’t having it.

“The combination of the seriousness of the crimes, the potential length of the sentence, the strength of the government’s case at this stage, the defendant’s foreign connections and the defendant’s substantial financial resources all create both the motive and the opportunity to flee,” U.S. District Court Judge Alison Nathan said.

When law enforcement finally tracked her down, Maxwell was hiding out at a rural estate purchased through an anonymous shell company. She had allegedly been moving from location to location, trying to keep one step ahead of the law. Maxwell is also rumored to have multiple passports, as well as many connections overseas.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Alison Moe called Maxwell “the very definition of a flight risk.”

Maxwell’s Secret Marriage?

In an unexpected revelation, Maxwell’s lawyers claimed that she is secretly married. However, she declined to give any details about the person’s identity.

This didn’t help her plea to be released on bail. Alison Moe told the judge that “the defendant also makes no mention whatsoever about the financial circumstances or assets of her spouse whose … identity she declined to provide to pretrial services.”

In other words, we don’t know who this spouse is or whether they could potentially help her flee justice. Maxwell has also been cagey about her own finances, claiming to have zero dollars of income despite buying an estate under an assumed name.

Maxwell has entered a plea of not guilty against all six charges levied against her. If found guilty, she’ll face up to 35 years in prison.

However, she will first have to endure an entire year in jail while she awaits trial.