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Man Who Faked Death Caught by Typo

A New York man, Robert Berger, tried to fake his own suicide to avoid sentencing for two felonies. 

Nassau County District Attorney Madeline Singas announced that prosecutors have charged the 25-year-old with felony charges of offering false instrument after he allegedly provided authorities with a mocked-up death certificate to avoid sentencing in two unrelated felony cases he has already pled guilty to. 

Authorities grew suspicious after they noticed the word “registry” had been misspelled on the death certificate. It said “regsitry” instead. 

“Typos and formatting errors gave up what we allege is a forged death certificate that this defendant used to avoid accountability for other crimes,” Singas said in a statement. “Submitting fake documents to prosecutors is always a bad idea, and while he’d have been caught regardless, failure to use spell check made this alleged fraud especially glaring.” 

Berger was scheduled to be sentenced in October, but a representative from his former attorney’s office notified the court the defendant had died and requested pending sentences to be dismissed.  

The former attorney for Berger told the court the death certificate had been given to him by Berger’s fiancé. 


Karen Spensely