Chicago’s ‘Miracle Mile’ Looted After Police Shooting

Early Monday morning, looters ransacked shops in downtown Chicago following a shootout between a suspect and police officers.

Officers were called to the Englewood neighborhood on Sunday afternoon after receiving reports of a man with a gun. According to police, officers found a suspect who matched the description. However, the suspect attempted to flee and fired at officers giving chase. Police shot and wounded the suspect, who was taken into custody. 

Police said rumors spread in the neighborhood that the suspect was a child, he was actually a man in his 20’s. Crowds gathered at the sight of the shooting and confrontations ensued with law enforcement. 

One officer was sprayed with mace and the windows of a police vehicle were smashed with a brick; the officers beat some of the demonstrators, according to community members. 

Hundreds of people started looting stores on Sunday night causing city authorities to raise bridges leading to the city’s downtown area and cease public transportation. Shots were fired between officers and looters during attempted arrests. 

Chicago has been struggling with a wave of shootings since the end of May. The Windy City saw widespread looting and rioting after George Floyd’s death.