Feline Drug Smuggler Escapes High-Security Prison

A domestic house cat was detained at a Sri Lanka, high-security prison on suspicion of smuggling drugs to inmates, has escaped, according to local media reports.

The feline was detained at the prison last week with two grams of heroin, two sim cards, and a memory chip hidden in a plastic bag tied to its collar. 

The police suspect that the drug traffickers who trained the cat are part of the same cartel that was caught using an eagle to smuggle drugs. The menagerie of accomplices were associated with the underworld crime boss Angoda Lokka. 

There is no stipulation for animal arrest under Sri Lankan law. Police were hoping, however, that the cat could lead them to the smuggler’s den. The cat reportedly scampered out of its holding room and escaped through a fence when prison guards came in to feed it. 

Last week, police raided a farm owned by an associate of Lokka and found the eagle previously seen delivering drugs. 

Prison authorities say they have noticed an increase in smuggled drugs, cellphone’s and chargers within the prison in recent weeks, allegedly to sell within the prison system. 

Authorities are not searching for the narco cat.