Landlord Decapitated in Samurai Sword Attack

Landlord Decapitated in Samurai Sword Attack


Nobody enjoys paying rent. They made a whole musical about it! But most of us don’t resort to violence when it comes time to pay up. But for one Connecticut landlord, a rent dispute ended in murder.

What Happened?

Last week, a man named Jerry Thompson (42) allegedly beheaded his landlord during an argument about the rent. Specifically, about the fact that Thompson refused to move out after failing to pay the rent.

Law enforcement officers found the body of Victor King (64) after a friend called for a welfare check on the man. The retired insurance salesman and master champion bridge player was well-liked by his community.

After finding the body, police quickly determined that King had been murdered by his sword-wielding former housemate. The first clue was that he’d been decapitated.

The second clue was that the day before he was killed, King called 911 to report that his tenant was “waving a sword at him in a threatening and terrorizing manner.”

Perhaps the police didn’t take the threat as seriously as they would have a gun or a knife. After all, who uses a sword? But as 2020 keeps proving, nothing makes any sense anymore.

Why Did He Have a Sword?

Now, plenty of people collect swords and knives. When someone owns a samurai sword, or katana, it typically isn’t sharpened. And even if it is a functioning weapon, they don’t go around using it to settle rent disputes.

What sort of person wields a lethal blade in modern-day Hartford, Connecticut? It turns out that Thompson is a self-described “sovereign citizen.” According to the FBI, this extremist group “believe they don’t have to answer to any government authority, including courts, taxing entities, motor vehicle departments, or law enforcement.”

The attack on King was brutal, according to the medical examiner’s report obtained by CNN. The report noted, “lacerations to the landlord’s right arm, upper chest and across the neck causing decapitation.”

Thompson apparently fled the scene of the crime with threw his sword in the Farmington River, about 10 miles away. Investigators retrieved the murder weapon, however.

Thompson is now being held on $2 million bail. He has refused to speak to anyone and will not be assigned a public defender. This is likely because of his “sovereign citizen” beliefs. Regardless of whether Thompson acknowledges the laws of America, they acknowledge him. And killing an unarmed man with a sword is extremely illegal in all 50 states.