Missing Arkansas Jogger Found Murdered

The 25-year-old went missing while out on a jog on Wednesday. According to Fox16 and Arkansas Online, authorities found the body of Sydney Sutherland was found near her home in Jackson County at 2 p.m. local time on Friday, ending a three-day search. 

The State Medical Examiner’s Office confirmed the identity of the body as Sutherland through DNA, according to both sources.  

A suspect named Quake Lewellyn is in custody on suspicion of homicide. 

“We do have a suspect in custody at this time,” Jackson County Sheriff David Lucus said during an interview on KAIT8 news live stream on Friday. 

Lucas did not reveal the suspect’s identity at the time, other than that he was a farmer from Jonesboro and the suspect and Sutherland knew each other. 

Prosecutor Henry Boyce will review the case and decide details regarding formal charges. A bond hearing and arraignment may be as soon as Monday. 

Investigators began searching the area where Sutherland went jogging after she failed to return home on Wednesday. They were assisted by multiple police agencies, including the FBI. 

On Thursday, searchers found her cellphone about a quarter-mile from her home.