NYC Driver Accused of Assaulting a 12-Year-Old While Driving Her Home

Brooklyn livery driver has been charged with raping a 12-year-old girl he was driving home.  

He allegedly threatened her with a gun and beat her unconscious during the vicious assault, according to Brookly prosecutors. 

Rafael Martinez, 32, picked up the child after the girl’s parents called a Brooklyn car service to take the girl home from her grandmother’s house. 

During the ride, Martinez pulled the car over and allegedly pulled a gun from the glove compartment and loaded bullets into the chamber as he told her “If you say anything these bullets are for you,” the criminal complaint states. 

The driver then climbed into the backseat, repeatedly punched the little girl in the face, and slammed her head against the window until she lost consciousness, court papers allege. 

She told police that she faded in and out as the defendant continued to rape and sodomize her, says the complaint. 

Brandishing the gun Martinez said “If you tell anybody, I know where you live, I’ll come to get you and your family,” court papers state. 

He drove to a second location, allegedly raped her again, and then dropped her off at home. 

Martinez is not licensed to drive for a car service.