Psychologist Snaps, Kills Her 7-Year-old Twin Daughters and Then Herself

Psychologist Snaps, Kills Her 7-Year-old Twin Daughters and Then Herself

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A woman in Whatcom County, WA, allegedly shot her 7-year-old twin daughters while they slept on Friday night before turning the gun on herself.

Michele Boudreau Angelis (55) was discovered by police when they arrived for a welfare check on Friday night. A tenant renting a room from the psychology called 911 to report “finding his landlord and her two children deceased in an upstairs bedroom,” according to the sheriff’s department.

What Happened?

The day before the murders, Angelis posted multiple articles and videos about narcissistic parenting and suicide on her business’s Facebook page. In the span of two hours, she posted a dozen articles on abuse, narcissistic parents and partners, and suicide. Looking at it now, it seems possible, even likely, that these topics weighed heavily on her mind as she contemplated what she planned to do.

In crimes like this one, the first question most of us ask is why? Why would a mother kill her own children? According to the Sheriff’s office, a custody battle might have triggered the murders.

“Preliminary findings indicate that the mother had been involved in a custody dispute over the children, which appears to be the primary motive behind the incident,” Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office posted on Facebook.

Murderer or a Victim Herself?

While nothing can ever excuse her decision to kill her own children, authorities are investigating what else might have been happening with the family.

“It’s a real tragic situation that we’re still investigating, trying to get more information on what might have motivated someone to do something this horrific,” said Whatcom County Sheriff Bill Elfo.

Her public persona was of a happy, nurturing psychologist. On the website of her practice, Rising Sun Health & Wellness, she proclaimed “Life can be better!”

“There are many great therapists in our community and I am humbled to be able to stand amongst them as a supporter of freedom, hope, healing, acceptance and love. I am easy to talk to, non-judgmental, and compassionate; I always work from an empowerment and mutual respect model. I would be honored to walk with you,” Angelis wrote.

Although she claimed to be a family therapist specializing in marriage counseling and child mental health, it’s clear that something was deeply wrong in her own home. Neighbors told a local news station that the girls were rarely seen outside the house. An anonymous person who claimed to have inside knowledge of the family said that Angelis was “very troubled.” They also said that child welfare services had been called to check on the twins in the past.