Texas Mom-to-Be Murdered, Baby Stolen

Texas Mom-to-Be Murdered, Baby Stolen

Facebook | Reagan Hancock

Reagan Hancock was found dead in New Boston, Texas, on October 9th. But that’s not the worst part of the story.

The 21-year-old was almost eight months pregnant at the time of her murder–and her killer stole the baby.

‘Satan in the Flesh’

Reagan, already mom to a 3-year-old daughter, couldn’t have been more excited to welcome the newest addition to her family on November 10th. She’d already announced the baby’s gender–another little girl–and the name she’d picked out.

“Some of you know, some of you don’t… but we are having another SWEET BABYGIRL come November the 10th (give or take),” she wrote on Facebook. “She already acts like her daddy & big sister. We cannot wait for our Braxlynn Sage to be here. Daddy is definitely outnumbered.”

Tragically, Reagan never got to meet her daughter.

Instead, she was killed and her baby stolen.

“Our beautiful daughter Reagan Hancock and her precious unborn baby girl Braxlynn were murdered yesterday by Satan in the flesh,” Reagan’s mother, Jess Brooks, posted on Facebook after the murder. “Our Reagan was one of the most precious people you would ever meet. Please I beg keep us in your prayers.”

Jess Brooks found her daughter’s body and discovered that her unborn grandchild had been taken by the killer.

Did She Know the Killer?

According to a fundraiser set up for Reagan’s family, the mom-to-be knew the killer and even considered her a friend.

Reagan Hancock and her unborn baby were selfishly killed by someone Reagan considered a friend,” the fundraiser page stated.

Police caught up with the suspect, 27-year-old Taylor Parker, when she was caught speeding in Oklahoma. She told the state trooper who pulled her over that she’d given birth on the side of the road, but that the baby wasn’t breathing.

Both of them were rushed to the hospital, where the doctors quickly realized that something was wrong. Parker had clearly not given birth. Soon after, she admitted that the baby was not hers.

Baby Braxlynn Sage died at the hospital. Parker was taken into custody and charged with kidnapping and two counts of murder. She’s being held in jail in Oklahoma until she can be transported back to Texas. A PayPal fundraiser for Reagan’s husband, Homer, and their three-year-old daughter has already raised over $19,000.

“Let’s rally together and raise enough money to take any stress off him for any and all expenses that will occur,” organizer Justin Whitehead wrote on the account’s page.