North Carolina Woman Arrested on 23 Charges including Shooting

North Carolina Woman Arrested on 23 Charges including Shooting


A North Carolina woman has been arrested on charges including a shooting and twenty-two other crimes. Winston-Salem resident Jennifer Nicole Brown, 34, was arrested on Tuesday after an alleged crime spree. Her charges are spread between Guilford and Forsyth counties.

Police responded to a call about a suspicious woman near a Citgo gas station in Guilford county on December 1, just before 6 PM. When police arrived, the woman fled from the gas station to a nearby residence, from which she stole a gun and a vehicle according to the authorities.

Crime Spree Ensues

According to authorities, Brown then went across town to another gas station where she is alleged to have committed an armed robbery. Then, she went back to the Citgo she was originally at and stole a set of car keys from a nearby home. She was confronted by the homeowner and shot him in the abdomen, causing injuries that were not life-threatening.

At this point, police stopped Brown and were able to apprehend her, and she was served warrants for outstanding crimes she is alleged to have committed in neighboring counties. Brown was then charged with numerous crimes, including assault with a deadly weapon, burglary, assault on a government official, larceny of a motor vehicle, possession of stolen goods, and several other crimes.

Police Apprehend Suspect

Brown’s arrest put an end to a crime spree that had spanned several days, according to police. It is unclear what state of mind the suspect was in while allegedly engaging in the crime spree. Some online have speculated that her alleged behavior could have been related to drug use, and that she may have been under the influence of drugs while evading police and stealing various goods. However, at the time of this writing that is merely speculation.

It is unclear if Brown has secured a lawyer to defend her in court. She is innocent until proven guilty, though she has not entered a plea at the time of this writing. Should Brown be convicted for all of the charges against her, she would spend upwards of fifty years behind bars.

Given the large number of police officers who responded to Brown’s disturbances and the CCTV footage of her at the gas stations where some of the crimes were committed, her case might be open-and-shut.

There is no ongoing investigation into the crimes at this point in time: authorities suspect that Brown was working alone and had no accomplices or greater motive in her activities.