Federal Authorities Continue to Arrest Capitol Rioters Weeks After Incident

Federal Authorities Continue to Arrest Capitol Rioters Weeks After Incident


On January 6, a pro-Trump mob of rioters broke into the Capitol building, looking to derail the confirmation of Joe Biden’s electoral college victory. The rioters, spurred on by a speech earlier in the day by then-president Donald Trump, came within moment of directly facing members of Congress.

As Capitol police struggled to contain the hundreds of rioters, ample video and photo evidence was compiled, often by the rioters themselves, eager to share proof of their involvement in the siege. This has proven invaluable for law enforcement, as they continue to apprehend people who participated in the attack even weeks after the incident.

FBI Continues to Arrest Rioters

According to the FBI, over 100 arrests have already been made in connection to the Capitol attack. Kevin Seefried, a man seen in several viral photos carrying a Confederate flag through the Capitol building, was arrested on Thursday.

Another man prominently seen in photos of the attack, Eric Gavelek Munchel, has also been arrested. Munchel, seen in photos carrying dozens of plastic zip ties, was arrested on Sunday. Another man also seen carrying a white flex cuff, Larry Rendell Brock, was also arrested by federal authorities.

Several prominent members of extremist right-wing organizations have been arrested in recent weeks in connection to the Capitol attack. Joe Biggs, a notable member of the far-right group the Proud Boys, was arrested on the final day of Donald Trump’s presidency. Enrico Tarrio, current leader of the group, was arrested the day before the attack and ordered to stay out of Washington DC.

Federal Authorities Possess Sweeping Jurisdiction

Due to the nature of the Capitol attack, federal authorities have astonishingly wide jurisdiction in pursuing the perpetrators. Since the rioters are facing federal charges, fleeing across state lines does not insulate them from arrest by the FBI. Moreover, the FBI can utilize a breathtaking suite of technological measures to find those who participated in the attack.

Cell phone GPS records, facial recognition technology and any other techniques can be used to triangulate people who participated in the attack. Notably, right-wing social media site Parler, which was removed from the internet following the attack, had massive data leaks prior to being taken down. This data was turned over to the authorities, as much of it centered around plans to attack the Capitol on January 6.

Anyone with information about people who participated in the attack is encouraged to contact the FBI to aid in the investigation.