Missing Florida Man Found Dead After Disappearing on New Year’s Eve

Missing Florida Man Found Dead After Disappearing on New Year’s Eve


A Florida man who went missing on New Year’s Eve has been found in a wooded area outside of Seminole. Trodarius Rainey, 26, was found on January 1 after disappearing the previous evening. His girlfriend, Tiffany Church, 35, is still missing. Rainey’s death is currently being investigated as a homicide.


Rainey and Church were reported missing on December 31 when the rental car they were thought to be traveling in was found abandoned. The Toyota Camry was found in a parking garage in Sanford, Florida. The couple had been believed to be traveling in the rented vehicle the night before. “Evidence located within the vehicle indicates the couple’s disappearance is suspicious and they are considered endangered,” Seminole County authorities stated.

It is unclear what evidence was gathered from the vehicle. A police report noted that a firearm was recovered from the vehicle. However, the message was issued before Rainey’s body was found. The authorities have indicated that it is unlikely that Church is a person of interest in the case; instead, she is presumed to be in danger.

Other Factors Complicate Case

It has come to light that the car was rented in another person’s name. The name of the woman in question is being withheld by many outlets to preserve her privacy, and her relationship to the victims is currently unclear. What is known is that no arrests have yet been made in Rainey’s suspected murder. Police have not stated whether they have any leads in the case currently.

A dead body was found in Sanford on Tuesday, and police are working to identify the corpse. Some have speculated it could be Church’s body, though this is unconfirmed. Police are still awaiting the autopsy results from Rainey to have a better picture of what happened to him.

Criminal History

Another complicating matter in the case is that both Rainey and Church had extensive arrest records. Law enforcement was already aware of the couple due to multiple run-ins with police. Rainey has been charged with burglary and resisting arrest in the past, while Church has been in trouble with the law over shoplifting, marijuana charges and petty theft.

This has led to speculation that the two may have been caught up in criminal activity that led to their disappearance. “It’s still a very active investigation,” spokesperson for the Seminole County authorities Bob Kealing told reporters. “Until we get some more answers it’s hard to say.”