What Happened to Heather Elvis? Missing Person’s Case Reveals Chilling Crime

What Happened to Heather Elvis? Missing Person’s Case Reveals Chilling Crime


Early in the morning of December 18, 2013, Heather Elvis went missing in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Her disappearance revealed that she was involved in an affair with a married man, Sidney Moorer. The relationship had come to a close months before Heather went missing.

Tammy Moorer, Sidney’s wife, however, seems to have taken umbrage at the relationship.

Heather’s Background

Judging by Heather’s social media profiles, she was an artistic and creative young woman. She graduated from high school in 2011 and went on to work as a waitress for a bar called the Titled Kilt in Myrtle Beach while going to school for cosmetology.

She moved in with a roommate who also worked at the bar. She met Sidney Moorer when he came into the bar to fix some broken equipment. According to Heather’s Twiter account, she was quite taken with Sidney.

As summer of 2013 went by, Sidney and Heather got into a more serious fling. Sidney’s marriage with Tammy seems to have been on the rocks at the time, and Sidney and Heather were not terribly discreet about their relationship.

Investigators later learned that, when Tammy became aware of the fling, even though it had ended months prior, she was enraged at the scenario and password locked Sidney’s own phone and began handcuffing him to their bed at night.

Harassment Continues

Tammy consistently hounded Heather following the fling. Tammy threatened to have Heather fired, and consistently sent her harassing messages and generally making her life difficult. The situation escalated until it became apparent that Heather was pregnant.

In mid-December, Heather’s roommate, Brianna, went to visit family for the holidays, leaving the pregnant young woman alone in their apartment.

On December 17, Heather told Brianna via text that she was going out on a date with a man named Steven. Steven took Heather out for what all records show was a pleasant date, and dropped her back off at her home around 1 AM.

Sidney is seen on surveillance video early that morning buying a pregnancy test at a local Wal-Mart.


The morning of December 18, 2013, Heather went missing after she told Brianna that Sidney told her he was leaving Tammy and wanted to be with her. Cell phone records show Heather’s phone bouncing around all over town, before coming to a rest in a rural area near a lake in Myrtle Beach.

That area, Peachtree Boat Landing, is where Heather’s abandoned car was found the next day.

Tammy and Sidney were arrested and charged with varying crimes related to Heather’s disappearance. While Heather’s body has never been found, there is little doubt that she was killed early in the morning of December 18.

Tammy and Sidney, who were tried separately, were each found guilty on varying counts, including kidnapping and conspiracy. As of the time of this writing, both are serving jail time relating to Heather’s disappearance.