How to Get Back in the Fitness Habit Again

How to Get Back in the Fitness Habit Again


The start of the New Year is typically a time when people make a renewed effort to focus on fitness. If it’s been a while, here are some tips for getting back into the fitness habit again.

Are you one of those people who are on again, off again when it comes to working out? Do you feel like you’re constantly starting over with your fitness routine?

Well, don’t feel bad about it, you are far from alone when it comes to falling off the fitness wagon. Most of us lead busy lives and it’s easy to push workouts aside for other priorities.

Starting anew

Let’s look at the bright side… The best time for anything is right now. Now’s a great time to get started again – and get started off on the right foot!

Here’s a strategy for incrementally getting back into the workout habit in a way that doesn’t overstress your body and makes it easier for you to stick with the program!

1. Start with 2 workouts per week

Since it’s been a while, you need to build up your tolerance to exercise again. Trying to do too much, too soon is only going to result in unnecessary aches and pains, which may cause you to hit the pause button again. Plus, two workouts per week are easy to squeeze into anyone’s busy schedule.

When: You can do the two workouts anytime during the week, just make sure to allow at least one day of rest between the workouts.

Routines: One exercise day should focus on aerobic exercise and cardiovascular conditioning. The other exercise day should be focused on strength training and resistive exercises, preferably weightlifting.

2. After 30 days, increase to 3 workouts per week

Once you’re in the groove of consistently working out two times per week without fail, and 30 days is a good goalpost, then you and your body are ready to add an additional workout day each week. Again, make sure to allow at least one day of rest between the workouts.

Routines: As per above, your routine should have one day of aerobic exercises and another of strength training.

If your goal is fat loss: adding an additional day of strength training/weightlifting would be more beneficial than adding more cardio. Building muscle improves your metabolism and causes the body to burn more fat – even while you sleep.

Remember: Muscle weighs more than fat, so don’t use the scale as your guide. You want to lose fat as you gain muscle. Therefore, look to how your body transforms, as well as, how your clothes fit as a way of gauging your progress.CATEGORIES