What Happened to Jessica Boynton? Grisly Truth Could Have Been Covered Up

What Happened to Jessica Boynton? Grisly Truth Could Have Been Covered Up


In 2016, in the city of Griffin, Georgia, a city roughly thirty minutes south of Atlanta, a woman named Jessica Boynton allegedly tried to take her own life. However, her husband, Matthew Boynton, a local police officer and the grandson of county sheriff, has long been thought to have played a bigger part in Jessica’s shooting than police have let on.

Background of the Case

Jessica and Matthew Boynton got married at an extremely young age. Family and friends believe, in fact, they were married far too young. They’d met in high school when Jessica was 15 and Matthew was 16. By the time Jessica was twenty, she’d had enough of Matthew, and their crumbling marriage had driven her to a dark place. She was seeking a divorce and wanted to start a new life with her two young children.

Matthew, however, did not want a divorce. He has been described by sources close to the pair as “controlling,” keeping the keys to the couple’s truck with him even when he was working. Matthew, who worked as a police officer for Griffin PD, drove a squad car for work, making his decision to keep the keys with him peculiar to Jessica’s family.

Jessica’s second child was not Matthew’s: she’d had a brief affair, resulting in the pregnancy. Matthew–likely in retaliation, friends say–returned in kind, beginning a relationship with a dispatcher named Courtney Calloway. This was what led to Jessica’s desire for a divorce.

The Incident

By April of 2016, Jessica was ready to take her children and move out. On April 14, 2016, Matthew called the cops to report domestic assault inside his home. He alleged Jessica was poking him in the chest and yelling at him. Matthew texted Jessica and told her they needed to go to the store to get formula. Half an hour after arriving at the store, Jessica is seen leaving, arguing with Matthew, until he calms her down and they leave.

After getting home around 10:45 PM, a neighbor heard a gunshot from the Boynton home. The neighbor saw Matthew leaving the apartment for dinner with a coworker. At 12:54 AM, Matthew’s phone received a text from Jessica’s phone that read like a suicide note.

Jessica was found with a gunshot wound in the closet of the couple’s bedroom. Miraculously, she survived the gunshot wound, and, after treatment, awoke to find she had no memory of the day she was shot. There was no blood splatter on the closet walls. There were bullet holes on two different walls. The neighbor heard the gunshot hours before Matthew reported hearing a gunshot in his home. Matthew’s phone was found inside the apartment when police arrived, despite Matthew stating he didn’t go in after returning from dinner.

What Happened?

Some have accused Spalding County of covering up what really happened. Matthew was eventually arrested, as Jessica filed a lawsuit that he had many of her items and had refused to turn them over. A new girlfriend of Matthew’s found a gym bag full of Jessica’s belongings and turned the items over to a private investigator who had taken an interest in the case.

The PI, Will Sanders, was linked by the Griffin PD to two burglaries in the area, and the police threatened to release Sanders’ personal information. This has led many commentators to speculate that a coverup was indeed ongoing. This incident resulted in Matthew losing his position with the Griffin PD.

Jessica would later get custody of her children back, with one of her boys confiding in her that Matthew “hurt” him when she wasn’t around. While there is no official account of what happened on the evening of April 14, 2016, some believe that a dark crime was covered up due to a police officer’s connections. The truth, however, may never be brought to light.