How High-Risk Drivers Can Get Cheap Car Insurance

How High-Risk Drivers Can Get Cheap Car Insurance


When shopping for car insurance, you’ve probably heard the phrase “high risk” thrown around a lot. You might be wondering if you’re a high-risk driver yourself.

Read on to learn about what it means to be a high-risk driver and how that will affect your insurance rates. I’ll also explain some tips for lowering your insurance premiums by proving to your insurance company that you’re no longer a risk to them.

What Is a High-Risk Driver?

The basics of auto insurance come down to this: If your driving record proves you’re not likely to cause damage to other drivers or your own vehicle, your premiums will be pretty low.

But if you’ve had traffic violations in your past, whether it’s speeding tickets, a DUI or driving without insurance, you’re considered a “high-risk” driver, and your premiums will rise. Even just being a new driver as a teen means you’re a higher risk. Older drivers can be considered high risk, too.

Everyone wants cheap car insurance. But having a poor driving record means you have to pay a bit more until you’ve got a history of good driving habits under your belt.

So how can high-risk drivers afford comprehensive car insurance?

These tips from Accesswire break it down:

How High-Risk Drivers Can Find Affordable Car Insurance

  • Look for non-standard carriers who specialize in helping high-risk drivers. You might be able to find better rates this way.
  • Switch to a cheaper car. Certain cars will require higher insurance premiums than others.
  • Improve your credit score, as a bad credit score can negatively impact your insurance rates.
  • Compare, compare, compare! Just like with any form of insurance, make sure that you ask multiple companies for quotes. You won’t know if you can get a better deal elsewhere if you don’t put in the groundwork by shopping around for different deals.
  • Research discounts. Even with a poor driving record, there are certain things you can do that will get you better premiums. If you recently got married, bought a home, or installed safety devices in your car, you could be eligible for better motor insurance rates.

If you’re a high-risk driver, you’ll have to pay higher rates–for now. But if you establish good driving habits going forward, you’ll be able to get your premiums down again. The best thing you can do is make sure you always have insurance and that you’re driving safely.