Things That College Students Need to Leave at Home

Things That College Students Need to Leave at Home


Packing for college can be really exciting!  You have the chance to decorate your own space, and it is a great way to let other freshmen have a glimpse of your personality, likes and dislikes.

Some people go a little overboard with the items they choose to bring, however.  If you’d like to learn which items are best left at home, read on!

Any and All Pets

You might be tempted to bring a small pet with you, but please don’t.  Most college dorms don’t allow them, and when people do bring them, they aren’t always cared for properly.  When you start college, you quickly learn that you aren’t going to have a lot of time to focus on a pet – no matter how small.

Furniture of Any Kind

Most dorms are already equipped with furniture, so there is no need to bring your own.  Don’t replace existing furniture either.  The space is limited, so make do with what is already there.  If you need extra storage, look into bins that can be hidden under your bed.


This is something you need to check individual college guidelines for.  Surprisingly, most colleges don’t allow students to bring their own window dressings.

Your Own Mattress

Maybe you’re really picky about what you sleep on, but don’t bring your own mattress.  Instead, look for a mattress pad or topper.  They’re more lightweight, not so bulky, and don’t require you to play switcharoo with the old mattress.

Pretty Lighting

Sure, string lights can make a boring dorm room literally light up – but they can be a big safety hazard.  Lights aren’t always properly constructed or UL compliant like they should be.

Most importantly, take the time to read your school’s individual regulations and rules so that you can be fully prepared.  You won’t want to purchase a lot of items that end up needing to be sent back home with your mom and dad!