Top Tips to Avoid Summertime Crime

Top Tips to Avoid Summertime Crime


The weather is getting nicer and people are getting back out to their usual sunshine routine. And, as any police officer will tell you, as the temperatures rise, so do crime rates.

There are a lot of reasons for the uptick in summertime crimes. For one thing, people are just outside more. More interactions with the whole community mean more chances for crimes to occur. Add to that the fact that people are more likely to go on vacation in the summer, leaving their homes unattended.

So, what can you do to reduce your likelihood of being a victim of a summertime crime?

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

If you’re in a crowded place, keep your wallet or purse close at hand. If you usually carry a wallet in your back pocket, consider moving it to a front pocket. It’s tough to pickpocket someone if you have to be in front of them to do it!

If you carry a purse, keep it close to your body. Don’t leave it hanging near the end of your arm; keep it high on your shoulder, and keep your arm wrapped around it while you’re in a crowd. That way, if someone makes the mistake of grabbing it, it’s not going anywhere. When you’re seated, wrap your purse’s strap around the leg of your chair. If someone tries to take it, they’ll tug on your chair and make a fool of themselves.

Always walk with confidence and stick to well-lit, populated areas when you’re out at night. Whether it’s your hometown or a vacation destination, crime can happen anywhere.

Home Security

Don’t let your home look empty. When you’re out of town, make sure you’ve got someone dropping by to take in your mail, at the very least, so the home looks inhabited to a casual observer. Make sure your grass is still being cut and your trash can is being pulled to the street, too. If you have multiple vehicles, consider leaving one in the driveway so it appears as though the home is still inhabited. You can also purchase lights that run on timers to make it look as though your normal routine is continuing while you’re away.

On Vacation

When you’re visiting a new area, be aware of higher crime rates. Keep your hotel room number a secret, and don’t invite people you know back to your room with you. Stay with your group and avoid areas that have very little foot traffic. Most importantly, try to stick to the most commonly traveled areas in the region you’re visiting. The more eyeballs in a given space, the less likely it is you’ll encounter a crime of opportunity.