Keep Seniors Safe by Preventing Crime in Retirement Communities

When you take your elderly loved one to live in a retirement community or care facility, your main goal is to keep them safe. Whether they need around the clock care at a nursing home, or simply want to enjoy their retirement at a senior community, safety is key.

But seniors may be at higher risk of becoming a victim of crime. There are steps you can take and things to keep in mind to ensure peace of mind while your loved one lives their golden years.

Why are seniors a target of crime?

Older Americans on average tend to have better credit, which makes them more susceptible to crimes like identity theft. They may have a large sum of cash sitting in their accounts, as they tend to be smart about saving.

Early baby boomers who are now enjoying retirement were raised to be trusting of other people, which can lead them to believe false claims. Scam artists posing as salespeople target seniors in hopes that they will be able to take their money and run.

Unfortunately, the elderly are more vulnerable to physical theft as well, especially if they lack the mobility to defend themselves and their possessions from being stolen.

Tips to prevent crime against seniors

Knowledge and preparation are the best tools to keep older adults from being targeted by criminals. Learn about crimes that are most commonly committed against seniors:

  • Insurance fraud
  • Medicare and social security scams
  • Telemarketing schemes
  • Home repair scams

Make sure your loved one is smart about their finances. Don’t let anyone withdraw money from their account and only buy from companies they recognize and trust. And as a rule, they should never give out any personal information over the phone, especially credit card numbers.

Seniors should also never let any strangers into their retirement home. Keep doors locked and consider installing a security system.

Crime is devastating for seniors

Retirement should be a golden period of a person’s life. If older folks are aware of and prepared for crime that targets them, they will feel safe and enjoy their years. It’s important for the elderly to retain as much independence as they are able to, and becoming a victim of crime threatens their independence greatly.