Stopping Porch Pirates: Don’t Let Them Steal Your Packages

Stopping Porch Pirates: Don’t Let Them Steal Your Packages

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Have you ever ordered an expensive package from Amazon, only to come home from work and find that a thief nabbed it right off of your porch? This is frustrating, and it makes you feel violated. There are ways to stop this from happening in the future, though. Here are some quick tips to help you stave off porch pirates.

PO Box or Amazon Locker

You don’t need to have packages delivered to your door. You could get a PO box with the US mail, allowing your packages to be delivered right to the post office. This allows you to just drop by the post office after work and grab your items without fear of someone pilfering them.

Amazon also offers a similar service, called Amazon Locker, that allows you to have your items delivered to a locked box in a public place. Just find a locker near your house and have any valuable items delivered there!

Require Signature for Packages Received

If you’re ordering an expensive package from an online retailer, ask for the delivery to require a signature before dropping the item off. This will keep your package from just sitting out on your porch all day while you’re at work.

Even if you can’t personally be present to sign for the package, you could have the item delivered to a neighbor’s house. If you ask one of your neighbors to sign for the item for you, you can rest assured knowing your order is safe with a trusted neighborhood friend.

Amazon Key

People with smart locks on their doors could enable Amazon Key if they’re in a supported area. This is a service that gives Amazon delivery drivers a temporary access code to get into your home. They don’t walk around in there, though, they just lean in, drop the package off, and then close back up. Your home’s own smart lock then re-engages and keeps your package safe!

Security Camera

If none of these solutions are an option for you, put up a security camera to deter porch pirates. While you can opt for a home surveillance service, these are actually somewhat superfluous. The main thing a camera does is make criminals think they’re being watched. All but the most hardened of criminals will be scared off if you have a camera very prominently displayed over your porch.

And, if all else fails, just try to be at home when your packages will arrive. If your area is particularly saturated with package thieves, just be ready to bring the item inside when it arrives. You can often use delivery apps to schedule drop-off times, allowing you to sidestep the main times that porch pirates like to operate.